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Media Corner

In the Media Corner, you will find interesting articles concerning biodiesel in Europe and about EBB. These articles are written in various languages and from a variety of sources.
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April 28, 2006 Italian article on biodiesel statistics - “Sole 24 ore”
August 8, 2005 Green Gold - Biofuels Are Starting To Fill The World's Gas Tanks
July 5, 2005 Green fuel to power G8 Summit vehicles
May 18, 2005 Bush Call For Greater Use Of Soy Biodiesel In Energy Plan
May 12, 2005 Stirrings In The Corn Fields - a biofuels article from the Economist
August 19, 2004 France/Biocarburants: Chirac demande un dispositif au 1er janvier 2005
July 23, 2004 Producing Electricity from Rapeseed
May 14, 2004 Article from Edie, 'IEA Calls For Tariffs To Be Dropped On Biofuels'
April 30, 2004 Article from Reuters London, 'Tesco To Sell Rapeseed Biodiesel'
April 21, 2004 Article from The Evening Gazette, 'Biodiesel Boost'
April 14, 2004 Press release from Greenergy and Novaol
April 1, 2004 Article from The Journal, 'Support Green Fuel Industry Call'
March 29, 2004 Article from Letsrecycle, 'Construction Begins on Scotland's First Biodiesel Plant'
March 29, 2004 Article from the BBC, 'Ministers Back Biodiesel Plant'
March 16, 2004 Article from Reuters, 'Uk Farmers Urge Tax Break For Biofuel In Budget'
March 04, 2004 Deutschland Radio's press release on 'Alternative Fuels for Vehicles are in demand'
November 24, 2003
COPA-COGECA's press release on CAP and biofuels production.
July 14, 2003 Article from an Italian paper 'La Repubblica Affari Finanza'
May 4, 2003 Article from the Portuguese TV broadcasting channel 'SIC'
May 3, 2003 Article from one of the most popular Portuguese newspapers 'PUBLICO'




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